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Our Ministry Overview


We are blessed to have many diverse and effective ministries at the Church of Christ at Chapel Hill Drive. Our goal is to equip the saints for the work of the ministry and edify the Body of Christ. There is no way to highlight all of them, but here is a brief summary of some of our ministries. 


Our Marriage ministry endeavors to provide educational sessions utilizing biblical principles and encouraging couples to stay committed to their marriage vows that they made before God. We engage the couples in growth strengthen activities and social gathering.


The objective of the Education Ministry is to engage the membership in the study of God’s word using various teaching methods and providing a variety of classes for all levels and ages.


The evangelism efforts focuses on bringing souls to Christ and helping to retain their faith through a collaborative efforts of the Elders, Life Unit Facilitators, foundation principle teachers and the congregation as they seek to encourage and provide a welcoming environment for the new converts to Christ.


Our Ladies Ministry is a vital part of our congregation. They focus on growing in the knowledge of the Lord, supporting one another and serving others.


The facilitators along with the Elders use this as a means of encouraging the membership through a variety of activities geared to promote a family atmosphere. The life units are vital to the growth of the body.


It is designed to help facilitate the spreading of the word of God through the TV program, mailing out CD messages and providing free CD message upon request from our visitors.


We study God’s Word and encourage one another to be men of God at home, at work, and throughout the community.


Our Youth Ministry is dedicated to creating, sponsoring, conducting and coordinating programs and activities that enhance and support the spiritual, educational, social and personal development of our youth.


Our singles are vital in the growth of the congregation and we seek to utilize their abilities to help spread the borders of the Lord’s church through bible study, social gatherings and working with other ministries.


Our senior adult ministry is quickly emerging into a vibrant form of fellowship and outreach for retired men and women. In addition to enjoyable outings such as day trips around the state of Georgia, this ministry also provides needs-based resources for aging individuals.

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